Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goodbye my dear. I love you.

After filling my heart with joy,
He is leaving now without any ‘bye’.
I am not feeling sad, cause 
I know one day he will return to me.

Why I love him so much? 
No one else knows me better. 
No one else knows my likes better. 
No one else cares for my passion. 

He becomes my ink when I wish to write,
Listen to me when I speak,
Makes me happy if I am moody, 
Don’t make fun of me even when I sing worse.

He is handsome, still lazy. 
He is bright like the sun and clear like sky. 

Now…. He has to go, to return.
He will be back after a long six days.
Six long hectic days!

Goodbye my dear Sunday. I love you.

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