Thursday, October 22, 2015

Make your display picture your voice(#make_ur_dp_ur_voice)

Are you people getting tired, looking for a display pic that stand out, impress others or gain attention? Still in need of a picture that shows your attitude! Tell that you are hot or cool? Or you don't care?

How about these being your profile pictures? Looks so dull and weird? But still worthy. Yes, being a member of a social platform, is it responsibility to make a voice for a social cause? The social platform can be anything like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. That doesn't matter. Contribute less than a minute to change your display pic! And thereby change minds. Yes, we cannot expect the world can be changed just because we are changing our profile picture.But we can hope for a change.

This should not be done with the greed of getting likes or attention.Do this as you are a responsible person.Change your profile pictures to such social messages under the # tag #make_ur_dp_ur_voice.
Let me remind you one thing. If you are a social activist, then this is not for you. Because you can do more than this.Don't brief your activities to a profile picture.These are for those people who don't how to start to serve the society.Yes, you can start, Remember, one thing! Being a starter would not let you grow.How to grow is in your hands.Or, if you don't want to grow, then also you can do this simple thing without spending much time. 

You can make your profile picture a social message, a protest, a support fo a revolution,an alert or anything that you feel worthy.At last one thing. Don't try to create any religious or communal feelings through your picture. Use it for a better cause, not for a riot.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

E. Q

Everything in this world is objects to be exhibited. “Where is the cattle Exhibition?”.  I was shocked when I heard someone asked this for the first time. ‘Is cattle and animals is something to be shown and valued?’. But this question no more astonish me.It’s not a big deal in this world where we market ourselves . We sell our personality and bought a job! We smile and get paid! We build our interests on those where the giants are interested.

Someone said,”you cannot buy my love”. Not only love, everything that was thought to be unsellable are sellable now. I would like to talk about Emotions! I thought, emotions are something that I was gifted with. I love to laugh, cry, smiles, growl. But one day I realized, they are not emotions. They cannot contribute to your E.Q. Are you expressive? Do you give better solutions to problems? Can you overcome an emotional outburst? If  yes, congrats! You have high E.Q. Go and get your job. If not, sorry! Better luck next time.

Today, when I cry or when I am sad, I realize that my E.Q  is still zero!!

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Somebody asked me once, why I put this title for my blog? What is its meaning?Now, I think it's high time to reveal that secret!! Well, there is no secret in it, but surely, there is a story.

A girl, passionate about many things, anxious, ambitious but not vivacious once wanted to create a blog to express her feelings to the world. Why she wanted to own a blog? This question seems meaningless in a world, where every single person is expressing. Celebrities, professionals, organizations, students etc. Creates their own blog. But why this girl, who does not have time for such 'stupidity' as one might say when he knows that she is a professional student, wanted one?

She, a normal, student, went a little abnormal when she experiences certain things. She was very sensitive to everything happens around her. But she was not bothered about her hectic schedules she had to pass through, just like every other person!

Once she was asked to bring an article for the class magazine. Our heroine,being a famous writer in her school times,found it very easy. But had she realized, the busy schedules have destroyed her creativity, which she considered as her identity, so hard that she dived deep into her mind for a piece of hope? This shocking reality gave her the insight that in search of a better living, what she lose was not less than her identity!

Hectione was then only a fetus, sleeping in her mind. Like a mother she searched her child's name. Her searches were all failed, ended in great disappointment. Accidently a name came to her mind, HECTIONE.To her surprise there is no meaning for the word. But she found the word very interesting so that she doesn't want to lose it. Nevertheless, she decided to define the word. Coincidence or not, the definition was so matching with the reason for his birth. She defined, it hectic+ horizon. Our lives go HECTIC in search of HOPE. Horizon symbolizes hope, the hope for a rise. Hectione is the child of hope and hecticness. Our heroine was in a hope to regain her creativity, her happiness and identity. She was also frustrated by her busy life.

Hectione is her voice on every other thing she feels, she believes, her views and she analyzes. Hectione is hope !!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Goodbye my dear. I love you.

After filling my heart with joy,
He is leaving now without any ‘bye’.
I am not feeling sad, cause 
I know one day he will return to me.

Why I love him so much? 
No one else knows me better. 
No one else knows my likes better. 
No one else cares for my passion. 

He becomes my ink when I wish to write,
Listen to me when I speak,
Makes me happy if I am moody, 
Don’t make fun of me even when I sing worse.

He is handsome, still lazy. 
He is bright like the sun and clear like sky. 

Now…. He has to go, to return.
He will be back after a long six days.
Six long hectic days!

Goodbye my dear Sunday. I love you.

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