Thursday, September 17, 2015

E. Q

Everything in this world is objects to be exhibited. “Where is the cattle Exhibition?”.  I was shocked when I heard someone asked this for the first time. ‘Is cattle and animals is something to be shown and valued?’. But this question no more astonish me.It’s not a big deal in this world where we market ourselves . We sell our personality and bought a job! We smile and get paid! We build our interests on those where the giants are interested.

Someone said,”you cannot buy my love”. Not only love, everything that was thought to be unsellable are sellable now. I would like to talk about Emotions! I thought, emotions are something that I was gifted with. I love to laugh, cry, smiles, growl. But one day I realized, they are not emotions. They cannot contribute to your E.Q. Are you expressive? Do you give better solutions to problems? Can you overcome an emotional outburst? If  yes, congrats! You have high E.Q. Go and get your job. If not, sorry! Better luck next time.

Today, when I cry or when I am sad, I realize that my E.Q  is still zero!!

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