Thursday, October 22, 2015

Make your display picture your voice(#make_ur_dp_ur_voice)

Are you people getting tired, looking for a display pic that stand out, impress others or gain attention? Still in need of a picture that shows your attitude! Tell that you are hot or cool? Or you don't care?

How about these being your profile pictures? Looks so dull and weird? But still worthy. Yes, being a member of a social platform, is it responsibility to make a voice for a social cause? The social platform can be anything like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. That doesn't matter. Contribute less than a minute to change your display pic! And thereby change minds. Yes, we cannot expect the world can be changed just because we are changing our profile picture.But we can hope for a change.

This should not be done with the greed of getting likes or attention.Do this as you are a responsible person.Change your profile pictures to such social messages under the # tag #make_ur_dp_ur_voice.
Let me remind you one thing. If you are a social activist, then this is not for you. Because you can do more than this.Don't brief your activities to a profile picture.These are for those people who don't how to start to serve the society.Yes, you can start, Remember, one thing! Being a starter would not let you grow.How to grow is in your hands.Or, if you don't want to grow, then also you can do this simple thing without spending much time. 

You can make your profile picture a social message, a protest, a support fo a revolution,an alert or anything that you feel worthy.At last one thing. Don't try to create any religious or communal feelings through your picture. Use it for a better cause, not for a riot.

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