Friday, March 24, 2017

What is good in 'good bye' ?

No longer will my silence breaks someone's heart...
No longer someone will have sleepless nights because i exists...!
No longer will someone deepen my wounds,
By chanting the same old mistake i did.
No longer someone have to worry about the mistake,
Which so far never happened..!

No longer someone have to pretend good,
To make me clean the mess and feed the cattle.
No longer someone have to play stupid tricks,in behind,
To steal my roses, blossomed of my sweat.

But still I thank those, who stood by me,
Through all thick and thin,
Blessed me with knowledge,
When I was nothing.
Made me smile when I was ill,
Made their mouth closed,so that I won't feel.

Opened me, the heavens door,
Showed faith in a soul, which is poor.
Made my mind, hard enough,
To face a truth, really tough!

What is painful ? Surely not the farewell.
Its the feeling, that journey was not well,
And I have lost the pride and dignity,
With which I had started this journey.

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